Raspberry Lime Sparkler

With the warm weather finally among us, I think it’s time to break out the summery drinks. This cocktail is beyond easy and just the right amount of boozy. I won’t lie to you, they’re very easy drinking so you might find yourself a little giggly after one or two. 

The ingredients feature fresh raspberries (though you could also use frozen raspberries if that is what you have available), freshly squeezed lime juice, club soda and a clear spirit of your choice (I prefer gin in this particular beverage but vodka or white rum are also great choices!). 

This cocktail is an easy way to impress your friends with minimal true effort. 

Raspberry Lime Sparkler

Servings: 1
Tools: Collins glass, muddler, citrus juicer
1 Lime1. Place your raspberries into the base of your glass and muddle them.
4-5 Raspberries2. Add the juice of a whole lime to the glass on top of the raspberries.
2 fl oz Clear Spirit
(gin, vodka or white rum)
3. Add your spirit of choice and give it a quick stir to combine the ingredients.
Club Soda4. Top with soda and garnish with a lime wedge. Enjoy!

Published by Tori Hannah

lover of food (and cats)

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