Oh, hello there!

Welcome to my cute lil blog! My name is Tori, a mid twenties Canadian girl with a love for food, coffee, makeup and cats among other things. This blog is hopefully going to be indicative of my personality and who I am- which is a tiny weirdo who has lots to say.

This platform is meant to allow me to share my recipes and recommendations with all of my friends and family and maybe even inspire some of you who don’t know me! It is also, admittedly a place where I can post my recipes so I actually remember them. I can be a little forgetful.

I also want to use this platform to host my love for makeup and skincare, which have been passions of mine far longer than I’ve been able to cook. Back in first year when I was scared to cook chicken without fear of dying and consuming KD as though it was a food group in and of itself, I was also exploring and playing with makeup and colour and fashion. At 25 I can thankfully say I have pretty decent cooking skills and can also create a pretty sharp winged eyeliner.

Thank you for coming to visit me in my little corner of the internet, I hope you choose to come back and hang out with me again soon!

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